Eiffel Tower Doodles Destinations

Eiffel Tower Doodles Destinations
Eiffel Tower Doodles Destinations
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Eiffel Tower Building Doodles Destinations Take a trip without leaving the desk Viva La France! Enjoy your trip to France even if it is while day dreaming when you look at this sculpture. Made from durable wire and crafted down to the very detail. Each building is amazing! These take the memo clips offered to a new dimension, larger sizes guaranteed to make a conversation going. Doodling around can be so much fun! Doodles is a line of wire designs in the styles of paperclips, memo clips, magnets and more! These decorations stand a whopping 6" x 6" and 14" tall

Please note that actual colors and packaging may vary slightly from the image shown. GelGems are not suitable for children under 6 as they can pose a choking hazard. GelGems are for decorative purposes and not considered toys. Children should use under adult supervision only. GelGems are non-toxic, but should not be ingested.